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About Us

Peter Liston and Matthew Moseley

Peter and Matt both grew up on the fringes of Western Sydney and ended up as classmates at Australia’s premier leadership institution, the Royal Military College – Duntroon in the Australian Army.

With military careers specialising in systems integration, process development and logistic planning in highly complex environments, they have a plethora of experience in articulating and solving problems.

The ‘TRUST the PROCESS’ story started when they were both ready to take back control of their lives through entrepreneurship. They left the Army and since have created 7 figure turnover businesses.

Peter and Matt complement each other personalities and are both committed to ensuring other small business people share the success we have enjoyed.


  • Inaugural winner of the Prime Minister Veteran Employment Award - small to medium business.
  • Member of the SAGE Power 50 for veteran entrepreneurs.
  • Dynamic Business Entrepreneurs of the week.


  • Peter and Matthew both have a passion for promoting Veteran Entrepreneurship.
  • Any military veteran currently in business or are interested in self-employment are encouraged to contact us to join our private network.

Work smarter not harder

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