Active Campaign
Marketing automation is all about getting the right message to the right person at the right time.
Work with an Active Campaign corporate partner to make sure your messages hit their mark.
Partner with Certified Active Campaign Consultants
Active Campaign is a powerful platform and can be used as a CRM as well as marketing automation tool. Understand your customer, track their journey, convert more leads with the right message.
Marketing and Lead generation
Marketing automation is a powerful tool to communicate with your potential customers after their first contact. You may only have a few moments to chat, however you can continue to inform, nurture and educate your potential customers to enhance your value proposition to them.
Never lead a lead again
It’s hard enough to attract prospects to your business in the first place, to let them leak through a sieve of a sales process. Use Active Campaign’s powerful CRM to maintain visibility of every client, every time they connect with your business. Leads are precious, be sure not to waste a single one.
An Active Campaign solution for your business
Whether you need help getting Active Campaign up and running (done with you) or you need fully customised turnkey solutions (done for you), Trust The Process has got you covered.
Which package suits your needs best?
Quickstart - the Active Campaign foundation package
You’re new to Active Campaign and CRM, don’t have a lot of visibility over your clients and are leaking leads all over the place. You need consistency and to get everything out of your head and into foundation systems. You’re happy to learn as you go and want a ‘done with you’ approach.
Quickstart is right for you.
Our 3 step process

  • Your digital transformation foundation connecting your CRM to the internet and your website
  • Build a consistent sales process to stop leaking leads
  • Training on the basics of the platform to empower you to take your business to the next level
Sales success - building a world class sales process
You’re looking to increase your conversion by building a world class sales process. You’re looking for the first level of automation into your business with quality data expressed in clear reports to measure your performance. You want to turn up your marketing, but need to ensure your sales process is air tight first. You still want to learn about the platform as you go, but would like us to build the capability for you.
Sales success is right for you
Build it yourself
Whether you need an expert to optimise your existing Active Campaign subscription, or a helping hand to get you started, Trust the Process has a solution for you. We understand you may need to phase your capability requirements and need a partner on the journey.
Whether you need a hand to build the platform with you, or just want to get it done yesterday. We’ve got a model that will suit you.
Ongoing Active Campaign Monthly Management
Need ongoing support - we’ve got that covered. Monthly management support packages
Most clients want ongoing support and optimisation once the platform has been launched. There is a lot of capability sitting within Active Campaign so we offer monthly support packages to continue to suck the most out of your subscription level. You get personalised, 1-1 access to an Active Campaign developer and our technical support team to build improvements into your platform.
Step Up
Take your Active Campaign knowledge to the next level with a monthly personalised 30-minute implementation with our in-house ‘Active Campaign master’. We’ll help you understand how Active Campaign works so you can maximise its features for your campaigns.
This package includes 2 hours of implementation work per month, which covers automation and task support, insertion of EDMs, integration of third party apps, automation support, form integration and other ad hoc support.
Power Up
Take your business to the next level—and take back ownership of your time. Our Power Up package is designed for businesses that are ready to scale up. We’ll give you exclusive fortnightly access to the Active Campaign ‘Hour of Power’ with our CRM guru.
This package includes a monthly 1-hour personalised session with our in-house Active Campaign developer to enhance your capability. You’ll also get 5 hours of implementation work per month covering automation and task support, insertion of EDMs, third party app integration, automation support, form integration, report optimisation, forecasts, and other ad hoc support.
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