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CRM - your digital transformation foundation
Your CRM is the key to drive digital transformation through your business. It is the cornerstone platform which manages all facets of customer experience, drives visibility throughout your business and ensures you never, ever leak leads again. ‘Trust the Process’ specialises in customising CRM to your business.
Drive visibility with a single source of truth
Never leak a lead again. Ever!
Increase your conversion
Measure the effectiveness of every marketing dollar
Trust The Process: Your partner in streamlining your CRM
Trust The Process uses our proven three pillars of ‘Systemise - Automate - Delegate’ to create a CRM sales flow unique to your business. You’ll be working with HubSpot and Active Campaign-certified specialists
Goal Setting
First we need to learn about you and your business to understand your goals and challenges.
Business Process Health Check
We run a thorough check of your business processes and identify your different pipelines, risks and challenges.
Journey Mapping
We identify the different stages of your customer journey, building clear sequences and identifying opportunities for automation
Procedure or ‘how-to-guide’ Development
We help you develop a systems structure, determine compliance measurements and fine-tune your processes to create a system that runs with minimal supervision.
CRM System Setup and Implementation
We set up a CRM system to help you manage your pipeline and give you an overview of your overall pipeline performance.
You should only do two things in business - the things you love and the things only you can do. Everything else we should delegate. We find quality talent and help you delegate with confidence and trust.
Training and Upskilling
We take care of hiring, training and managing your outsourced virtual assistants, with continuous upskilling initiatives to ensure consistent delivery of high service levels.
Ongoing Support
We provide ongoing support and offer monthly management as an add-on to ensure continued optimisation of your CRM platform.
Be in total control, even when you’re not there.

Our CRM solution is designed to give you back the time and the bandwidth you need to handle more high-level tasks. We streamline your processes, automate through your CRM platform and provide talented people to handle your administration. We want to help you get to the point where you’re involved in your business, but not required. Get it to the point where you don’t have to be present all the time for it to keep running. Keep getting leads, nurturing customer relationships and bringing hot prospects to the table—even when you’re not looking.

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