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Are you running your business or is your business running you? Take our free Business Health Check today to take back control and give you the time to enjoy your favourite things in life.

Why Choose Us?

At Trust the Process we are certified Active Campaign Consultants and are here to help create a turnkey
solution to set you up for success. We have helped 100s of small SME’s create a system to run their
business, generate sales and streamline their operations. Take back control today!

The first step to achieve this is through the implementation of a CRM and we are experts in setting up
Active Campaign to help you automate your business .

If you already have staff then a Mortgage Virtual Assistant is also the answer, reduce their work load with a VA so they can focus on customer experience, increasing your brand and giving your entire team more capacity. Its a win win!

Grow your business now, remove the admin and focus on what matters.

How We Help Businesses

Map, systemise, automate, delegate, control.
We can help you achieve your business goals faster. Whether you’re looking to get organised, delegate low value activities or take the leap with a full scale business process transformation – we are here to make it happen. It’s time to create a business that works for you. Successful businesses all have one thing in common, they understand their customers. The best way to understand and manage your customers experience is with an effective CRM.

As certified Active Campaign consultants we will map your business and build your Active Campaign CRM to streamline your processes and enhance the customer experience. We will be there with you to onboard Active Campaign and will provide training on how to best utilise your CRM. We will become your Active Campaign partner and ensure you are getting the most out of Active Campaign to help your business grow.


Whether you want to increase leads, accelerate sales, simplify your processes, or build a powerful website, Active Campaign has a solution to help you grow better.

Setup Packages:

TTP offers two integration packages for Active Campaign.



Basic set up to get you started. We provide the template solution to get you using Active Campaign.



Complete turnkey automated personalised CRM solution.

Ongoing Active Campaign Monthly Management

Subscribe for one of our two ongoing monthly management products to get the most out of Active Campaign!


$170 / month

Personalised 30min/month implementation session with our in house Active Campaign  developer to enhance your capability. This session is perfect for those who want to understand the detail of how the platform works.

  • Automation and task support 
  • Insertion of EDM’s
  • Integrating 3rd party apps
  • Automation support
  • Form integration 
  • Campaign creation
  • Ad hoc support


$470 / month

Exclusive fortnightly access to the Active Campaign  ‘Hour of Power’ with our CRM guru. This is only for people who are ready to scale their businesses and use tech to take back their time.

  • Automation and task support 
  • Insertion of EDM’s
  • Integrating 3rd party apps
  • Automation support
  • Form integration
  • Campaign creation
  • Ad hoc support

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