Leverage the full power of an all-in-one marketing, sales and service platform to manage all your customer journeys
in one place. This is the foundation component of your business digital transformation.
Partner with Certified
HubSpot Consultants
Accelerate your use of the leading CRM for small to medium business
with accredited, certified HubSpot partners to get you going.
Experiences in
See how your business is building and nurturing customer experiences in one place. We’ll set your business up to make full use of HubSpot’s powerful all-in-one marketing, sales and service platform—and then show you how to use it to streamline your process effectively across your Marketing, Sales, Service and IT functions. The result: you become a well-oiled business machine that provides excellent customer experiences consistently.
Marketing and Lead
Set up your HubSpot CRM to serve your goals—whether it’s boosting your sales, streamlining your business processes, or improving user experiences (UX) online. Our team of HubSpot-certified consultants will map out your business, systemise and automate your processes, and delegate tasks—giving you full control over your time, your resources and your business overall.
A world class
sales process
The essence of a world class sales process is consistency and visibility. Understand where every client is on the journey with you, create a library of content to nurture them, never lead a lead again. Maintain visibility and focus on every opportunity.
Service, client
insights and retention
We do all the hard work to win our clients, let’s make sure we retain them. Create a ticketing framework to respond to all your client needs, keep attuned to their satisfaction through customer surveys and a knowledge base to answer their questions.
A HubSpot Solution for Every Business
Whether you just need help getting your HubSpot set upgoing (done with you) or you need fully customised turnkey solutions (done for you), Trust The Process has got you covered.
Get set up and start with HubSpot using Trust The Process’ proven solutions. Whether you are new to HubSpot, or have an existing account you want optimised - we are the certified partners to provide you a solution.
Which package suits your needs best?
Quickstart - the HubSpot foundation package
You’re new to HubSpot and CRM, don’t have a lot of visibility over your clients and are leaking leads all over the place. You need consistency and to get everything out of your head and into foundation systems. You’re happy to learn as you go and want a ‘done with you’ approach.
Quickstart is right for you.
Our 3 step process

  • Your digital transformation foundation connecting your CRM to the internet and your website
  • Build a consistent sales process to stop leaking leads
  • Training on the basics of the platform to empower you to take your business to the next level
Sales success - building a world class sales process
You’re looking to increase your conversion by building a world class sales process. You’re looking for the first level of automation into your business with quality data expressed in clear reports to measure your performance. You want to turn up your marketing, but need to ensure your sales process is air tight first. You still want to learn about the platform as you go, but would like us to build the capability for you.
Sales success is right for you
Masters of Marketing - build a marketing ecosystem you can manage yourself
You’re ready to invest in your digital advertising through search engines (SEM) and social media but want visibility over every dollar spent. You want to be able to manage your digital footprint in one place, building ads, scheduling social media posts and measuring the performance of every interaction. You are looking to build an automated marketing system which nurtures and enhances your communications, delivering the right message at the right time to your different audiences.
Masters of Marketing is right for you
Build it yourself
Need ongoing support - we’ve got that covered. Monthly management support packages
Most clients want ongoing support and optimisation once the platform has been launched. There is a lot of capability sitting within HubSpot so we offer monthly support packages to continue to suck the most out of your subscription level. You get personalised, 1-1 access to a HubSpot developer and our technical support team to build improvements into your platform.
Ongoing HubSpot Monthly Management
Empower yourself with the tools and knowledge needed to maximise the features of your HubSpot setup with our monthly HubSpot support and management plans.
Step Up
Take your HubSpot knowledge to the next level with a monthly personalised 30-minute implementation with our in-house ‘HubSpot master’. We’ll help you understand how HubSpot works so you can maximise its features for your campaigns.
This package includes 2 hours of implementation work per month, which covers automation and task support, insertion of EDMs, integration of third party apps, automation support, form integration, report optimisation and other ad hoc support.
Power Up
Take your business to the next level—and take back ownership of your time. Our Power Up package is designed for businesses that are ready to scale up. We’ll give you exclusive fortnightly access to the HubSpot ‘Hour of Power’ with our CRM guru.
This package includes a monthly 1-hour personalised session with our in-house HubSpot developer to enhance your capability. You’ll also get 5 hours of implementation work per month covering automation and task support, insertion of EDMs, third party app integration, automation support, form integration, report optimisation, forecasts, and other ad hoc support.
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