Save Time & Money With A Property Management Virtual Assistant

Admin is stealing your life away from under your nose.

We understand how demanding the real estate industry is. 

Often the sheer amount of  Admin can be overwhelming and often be the reason why you can’t grow or maintain your rent roll. Admin is the enemy to your growth and holds you and your team back from sitting appointments, making phone calls and listing new properties. To succeed It is all about focusing on the dollar productive activities, but often the only way to keep up is to work after hours and on the weekend. 

There is an easier way.

Property Management Virtual assistants 

Trust the Process are experts in the real estate industry and know how to help you succeed. We can provide you a dedicated team member to work with you to see you succeed. Our offshore team are highly trained, motivated and come with experience in the industry.

Grow your business now, remove the admin and focus on what matter


Tasks your Property Management Virtual Assistant Could Complete for you;


Lease creation

OFI management

Initial condition report

Marketing and Advertising

Lease renewals

Maintenance & repair

Routine inspection administration

General Administration

CRM Management

Tenancy application process

​How It Works

Follow these easy steps to see you succeed!

Step 1
Get in touch to start the process to get your agency ready.
Step 1
Step 2
We match you with a VA that can support your needs. They have already been trained in the basics, you just need to show them your way.
Step 2
Step 3
You are provided with a draft manual of tasks and how your VA can complete them. You just need to tweak them to suit your own agencies needs.
Step 3
Step 4
You are provided with a team leader who has done it before. They will support your VA and you in integrating into your business.
Step 4
Step 5
The team leader will act as the first line of support for you and your VA. They monitor performance providing admin and assist with training. It’s like you get two for the price of one!
Step 5

Get in touch