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Your Time Is Precious, How Do You Spend Your?


Admin is stealing your life away from under your nose. 

Our ‘Admin buster promise

We will save you at least two hours per day, by taking away your admin, or we’ll give you 10 free hours with a Virtual Assistant.

Time spent on relationships and revenue reaps dividends.

Admin holds you back.

Your admin can be automated and delegated.

Imagine never saying these words again.

'It's easier to just do it myself'
'Where are we up to with that client?'
‘I need to stop wearing all the hats in my business’
'Good help is hard to find'.
If only I had another me in the business'
‘I have systems, they're all in my head’

Did you know over 70% of your time business is spent on administration, leaving less than 30% to focus on revenue generation and relationship creation?

How would it change your business (and your life) if you could have 4 more hours a day to focus on your clients and cash?

Your complimentary ‘admin buster session’ with a business systems specialist will provide the change you've been looking for.

Our ‘Admin buster session promise

We will save you at least two hours per day, by taking away your admin, or we’ll give you 10 free hours with a Virtual Assistant.

Administration is relentless, and will never quit.

Time to fight back.

Trust the Process has an individually developed and proven

3 step process on how to find admin and remove it from your life




This process is proven to work. We've integrated over 100 Virtual Assistants into Australian Businesses, giving business owners the time to focus on what is most important to them.

Jump onto an ‘admin buster session’ and we can show you how this 3 step process will work in your business.

Book your ‘admin buster session’ now

How will 4 hours a day of your time back change your life?

for Your Business

Why Use Our VA's?

You have the choice between local and offshore virtual assistants

Our Virtual Assistants are not virtual. They are an amazing team member located in a different location. We understand that there are pros and cons to onshore and offshore teams so we provide both solutions for you. Australian based VA’s are amazing at customer fronting roles whereas our Filipino team are experts at managing complex administrative procedures.

Every VA comes with a team leader to support you with the integration, training and ongoing management. So in effect, you get two for the price of one.

We understand your need for quality, so we only hire the best. Our team members are all inculcated with our Vision, Mission and Values and are focused on supporting the growth of your business.

Why You Need A Virtual Assistant

Leverage the power of an offshore team

More bang for your buck

Intelligent, university-qualified team members. Implement cost-effective staffing solutions. Reduce churn and turnover of administrative positions.

Take back control your time

Free your time to focus on what is most important. Delegate low-value activities with control. Focus on strategy, building the team, time for yourself

Increase your team

Maintain a focus on revenue-generating activities. Create an emphasis on client relationships. Delegate higher-value activities to the local team once admin is offshored

Grow your team

Build a global team passionate about your business. Staff up with cost-effective, flexible and fully managed team members. Full time or part time options available

What does a Virtual Assistant do?

well anything you’d like them to do, they’re just another team member


Inbox management
Business reporting and dashboarding
Invoicing and accounts receivable
CRM management


Compress your sales cycle
Inbound and outbound customer satisfaction
Proposal Development
Follow up sequences

Lead Generation

Email campaigns
Customer and competitor analysis
Cold calling

Customer Service

Manage referral programs
Feedback and complaint management
Maintain contact and relationships with clients
Reduce response time for
client engagement


Website development
Website Maintenance
App development

Social media

Content editing
Scheduling across all channels

Get more work done with a VA

The power of a virtual assistant

It’s time to leverage the amazing skills, motivation and value of your virtual team member

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Reduction in labour costs for business
Hours saved a week for owners
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increase in business capacity

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