Virtual Executives
Do you need serious talent to round out gaps in your team? Are you looking for an expert to work with
in the field of digital marketing, finance and design?

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Serious talent is now seriously affordable
When the cost of a local agency is just too high, there’s one solution that easily solves that: Think global. We match you with the best talent that the Philippines has to offer: university educated, English-speaking specialists with years of professional experience are at your disposal to fulfil highly complex, technical roles
Highly qualified talent is easier to find when you look outside the box.
Connect with seasoned Filipino professionals.
Our virtual executives hold degrees from the most respected Philippine educational institutions and have years of experience from big business or corporate settings. We’re making this kind of talent accessible to you.
Leverage the experience of our virtual executives to improve areas of your business that can be optimised. We’ll help you build and manage a team of specialists based on your requirements. And because of their experience, they will require minimum supervision—which means reclaiming more time for you.
Serious talent to support the growth of your business
It’s tough trying to be the expert at every part of the business. Well now you don't have to be. Our virtual executives are specialists that can provide expertise and insights into improving your business.
The best part is you’re getting “big business” talent, for a small business price. You hold the power to tap our virtual executives as needed, as you continue to grow your business.
Boutique selection of virtual executives at your fingertips
Trust The Process is your partner in providing talent for complex roles and teams. Our pool of virtual executives specialise in, but are not limited to:
Content Development
A content specialist ensures your messaging is compelling, consistent and aligned with your brand. We’ll help you develop a wide range of content materials, including website content, blogs, templates, email campaigns, your company profile and more.
Graphic and Web Design
Bring your brand vision to life with a professional graphic designer at your disposal. We’ll take care of your design requirements, from logos, to your website, to online ads and any other marketing materials you may need—both online and offline.
Website Development
Improve user experience and maximise user functionality with a well-structured, thoughtfully developed website. Our talented developers will help build a website that serves your business needs, whether it’s a simple website for your brand or a complex eCommerce website that will generate sales.
Project Management
Take project management off your hands so you can focus on customer relationship building and revenue growth. Our project managers use a combination of technical skills and the best industry tools to ensure your operations meet their deadlines and deliver a high level of quality consistently.
Search Engine Optimisation
Harness the power of organic search to make your brand easily searchable online. Our SEO specialists will develop an optimisation plan to get your website and your name on top of search engine results pages (SERPs)—and therefore on top of people’s minds.
Paid Marketing
Drive traffic and attention to your products or services that you want to highlight strategically with paid marketing. We offer SEM specialists that are well-versed in maximising visibility via Google Ads, Facebook Ads and LinkedIn.
IT Support & Management
Get round-the-clock remote IT support and network/systems management from our pool of IT specialists. We’ll help with systems set-up, troubleshooting, monitoring and systems maintenance so that your business technology keeps running without a hitch.
Other areas of specialisation
Set up a meeting with us and let us know what areas of specialisation you’re looking for—and we’ll help you find the right virtual executive with matching experience and expertise.
Virtual expert team built for success

At Trust The Process, we want to equip you with the tools, the talent and the processes to ensure that your business grows fast, grows successfully, and grows sustainably. This is why we make expert talent accessible to you where they would usually be hard to find.

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