It’s time to accelerate the growth of your business

Trust the Process is here for the business owner who is tired of working harder and ready to work smarter. If you do it yourself, there is literally more to do than can ever be done.  You can’t release yourself from the day to day spot fires until you have systems in place to support you.

Trust the Process is all about getting the small details right and the 1 percenters are all taken care of. We ensure you are brilliant at the basics before you attempt to tackle more complex business. 

Trust the Process doesn’t just teach, or talk – we do. We build your systems, remove waste and inefficiencies and allow you focus your time elsewhere. You’ll probably still be busy – but you’ll be busy growing your business, actioning your strategic plan, converting leads…. and investing a little more in family and friends…

We only work with a certain type of client. You must be aspirational, you must believe in the potential of your business and you must be ready to give up the chaos of trying to do everything yourself and be ready to work smarter not harder.

Processes are the foundation of your business

  • You can’t build a house without a foundation, so why are you growing your business without establishing processes.
  • Only two things can happen if you try, you will either stop growing or it will all come crashing down.
  • Trust the Process ensures your foundation is sound, so when you scale, you’re ready

We build your businesses processes for you

We bring military precision to your business

the founders

With nearly 30 years of experience as military logisticians in the Australian Army, the founders of TRUST the PROCESS have a lifetime of experience in developing solutions for the most difficult problems in the most complex circumstances. We bring this problem solving mentality to your business.


Processes are the foundation of any business. The reason the military is able to harness its resources to rapidly react is due to the foundation of its structures and processes. We help you apply these principles to your own business.


For you to get where you are in business means you’re probably doing a lot right. We want to enhance what is working well and allow you to build on these strengths. Let us help you remove the blockages from your business system to allow you to work in flow.

strategic planning

If there is one thing Army does well. It’s planning. In a small business, you need to do three things at once.
1. Plan for today.
2. Plan for 3 months time, and
3. Plan for 12 months time and beyond.

It’s actually simple, we can show you how and walk with you on the journey.

HR and personnel management

Your people are your greatest asset. Are your staff clear on the role and responsibilities? Do you have a framework for performance appraisal and developing the people in your business? We develop your businesses organisational hierarchy so every task is allocated to a particular person. This systematic delegation allows the business owner to focus on looking out to the future and not only looking inwards at today’s issue.


Risk is a good thing. You’ve probably risked a lot by going into business. But risk needs to be understood to be managed. Safety is also non-negotiable. We can ensure your business is compliant with national Work Health and Safety legislation by implementing simple safety and risk management frameworks to ensure your people and yourself are protected.

It’s time to work smarter, not harder.

Hit the ‘I’M READY’ button below to book in a time to chat with one of our team. . We are passionate about your success and guarantee there is a lot of “low hanging fruit” of improvement in your business. We seek these out and deliver immediate results.

Our job is to make it happen.

Work smarter not harder

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